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Sweet Little Farm Guests: School's in Session

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

One of the great blessings of living on property is sharing it with friends, especially curious children. When friends come with their kids, I become a kid myself. It is like I call upon my inner Bill Nye the Science Guy meets Mr. Rogers.

After all, what better education can we ask for our children than the one they experience for themselves. If this can be done while laughing and playing in nature, then all the better. Besides, should a lasting education be absent from a little dirt, a bug or two . . . or three, and a thorny stock? This and more lives and breathes on our property as part of the Farm Life 101 course.

Thus, when the opportunity arises and the time is right, we reach out to our little friends to stop by for a visit.

Pond life is always an adventure. Old or young, anything that grows or reproduces around the water has entertainment value. Last summer, my dear friend and past student, Jacob Gallion, brought his adorable girls and guests out for an adventure. Top on the list were the toads. The girls' purpose . . . to catch some for their grandpa's pond and property. Kiki & Co. would not deny.

Truth be known, the toad adventures all started when my daughter, Caitlynn, came to my wife and said that one of the toads was hurt and the other was carrying it on the other’s back. Hmmmm. Well, not long after that, the pond was filled with eggs. I digress. 🥰

We started the tour with a 40-minute hike around the property and gardens—taste testing as we went. The kids traveled through the new addition as well: chicken maze and coupe.

Then, they climbed up into the tree fort and swung amongst the maple trees in the ninja warrior training center that I set up for my son—even some adults test themselves at times.

Finally, we collected toads like it was a family Easter egg hunt. Honestly, it was so much fun watching the kids. Some were squeamish and some dove right after the toads. The hoppy critters were literally everywhere as they recently escaped from the infant stage in the water—tadpoles.

Before they left, they were able to hand select some farm fresh eggs to take home for breakfast and take some cherries for the ride home.

It touched my heart to see a past student be a father filled with adventure and love for his girls. This is life's perfect moments.

Maybe, I need to make this adventure a regular summer outing for our youth, especially ones that live in the city.

Exploration for All

Kiki & Co. Family Farmhouse is an active adventure no matter what time a year. However, it is the spring through summer months that life is constantly on the move, which bodes well for our youth.

When my friends Larry and Julia or Matt and Jessica bring their kids, the geese, chickens, rabbit, fish, toads, snakes, cats, deer, and moose need to be ready for their performances. Even the old 1950s Ford 800 tractor is a backup plan for some classic bucket rides, which are the same bucket rides I enjoyed as a child with my grandpa at the controls.

At the end of any tour, several hammocks offer the perfect spot to reflect and rest.

There just is something special and heartwarming about children active in their own outdoor adventure. It is times like these that I wish that I had bee suits for our little guests to explore the innerworkings of a honeybee hive. Maybe, these are next on the Kiki & Co. adventure tours. 🤠

Happy farm adventures,


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