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Bullwinkle Brings Us a Smile & a Twinkle

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Being that I am 52 now, I need naps. So . . . I spent about 45 minutes in the hammock wedged between two older maple trees. The shade offered the right amount of change to settle the day's demands.

When I awoke, I spry-like jumped up to my feet and headed toward the house and the duties that I had been hiding from.

About two steps into it, I looked up to see a massive specimen: Bullwinkle J. Moose. He was impressive, spectacular, and he could care a less that I was there. Bullwinkle just kept chewing on whatever made him happy.

Respectfully, I chose to give my new friend Bullwinkle a photoshoot. I tactically made my way around him while keeping my distance and talking full advantage of my zoom lens attached to my Nikon camera. Shoot, even one of our cats, Ender, found interest in Bullwinkle. How could one not take notice; he was majestic.

Following a post on social media, Bullwinkle and I found a place in the local news. He deserved it.

Over the next couple weeks, we enjoy his presence as we would see him at times passing through the property, drinking from our pond, or passing our kitchen windows. Then, he was gone.

Until next summer and a shady nap beneath the maples, I will look forward to another time and opportunity to share each other's company.

Happy napping,


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