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Dirty Jobs

A friend of mine mentioned the other day that I should contact Mike Rowe to film an episode of Dirty Jobs at the Kiki & Co. Family Farmhouse. Well, I think I missed that chance. Cleaning your kids room after avoiding it for three months is one thing, but if your kids have feathers, you might need a mask.

With all that has been thrown our way this winter, the coop might as well have been out in the back 40. I have watched it pile up, yet I have also found other jobs that were “more important.”

I suppose that the 41 degrees today gave me motivation. I cleaned out the coop and deposited the dropping and straw along the garden for our Spring adventures. Then, I straightened up the chicks' covered run. My son helped me before he found something more important: minor surgery. More about that in a minute.

We decided last spring to use about 3 inches of sand on the floor of the coop. That way we could use a fine, combed rake to sift through the poo like a cat box. With the winter, we went with the deep littler method for composting. We covered the sand with layers of straw to cleanse the air, add warmth, and cover up what we didn't want to attend to now. 😇 The ammonia smell might have been a bit much.

Minor Surgery: One of our new little friends had nails that were extra long. They were even growing back into her little feet. UGH. 😳 My wife and kids cut them back. There was a little blood, but nothing that our minor surgery room could not handle. ❤️

After that, I chose to focus some attention to our five cute, new guests that have been living in tenement housing until they have adjusted to the other chickens. We felt for their arrangement, so we moved the coop into the 80’ X 10’ fully enclose chicken run. Instantly, these five found their slice of heaven as they dug up some dirt for a good old fashion dirt bath. They seemed to now live in Beverly Hills.

After the coyote attack yesterday, we felt the need to protect our flock a bit more, especially since our warrior rooster is no longer with us. 😞

Over all, I expect their egg laying to increase with their fresh, clean home.

Mike Rowe, I could have used your help today. In fact, I just happened to have some extra masks. Odd. Being that I am exhausted, I will leave you with a few of Mike Rowe's words: "People with dirty jobs are happier than you think. As a group, they're the happiest people I know." I have my doubts. 🤠

Now excuse me . . . I need a shower.



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