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Bee Nice to Everything and Everyone

Updated: May 3, 2022


We find our little farmhouse on the edge of Peone Prairie in Mead, Washington. It is here that farm life still lives and thrives on the outer edge of the metropolis of Spokane. From wheats, canola, fruit trees and more, our bees stay busy.


Or family takes on the love of bees together. With Dawn acting as our lead beekeeper, we strive to learn more about these most magnificent gifts from God. Dawn has spent the past couple years reading and learning from others that have mastered the trade. When needed, we suit up to check on our little friends' health and progress.


Three years ago, we picked up our first hive. These bees are amazing! Well, until one stung me in the nose and the other on the top of my head. Then a gland in my armpit swelled and made my shoulder ache. HOLY BEES!

Just saying . . . honeybee stings burn! The one on the nose . . . son-of-a-bee! I don’t think I have been stung in 30 years. It felt like lava being injected into my face. Dawn swiped another out of my hair and it stung her under the nail! Ummm, she said a few words on that.

Bees 3 . . . Kikis 0

Yep, we got bee suits!

Our Bee-master guru, Yuri, however, is way tougher than us as he uses no suit or gloves when digging through our first hive.


The first extraction we were hooked. It is sooo delicious!

It takes a bit of time and love, but nothing like the time that it takes our honey bees to make it. 🐝 We are going to start adding hives now that we know that our area will produce a high-quality honey.


In our second year with our bees, we decided to increase our harvest. Thus, Justus and I assembled our new beehives for our little friends. These Hoover Hives are the best hives that I have come across for the price. If you want the hives to last, however, you assemble it correctly. They are permeated with beeswax for weathering. I did need to melt down some beeswax the second year to add a layer of protection on a couple pieces.

To start the process, I found a reason to buy a new tool. Oh darn. I bought my first drill press—finally. Justus helped me assemble that as well. He showed me a thing or two in the process. Well, he read the directions. I was just winging it.

I told my wife that I needed the tool so that I could make a jig to make all the holes for each nail. I did. No one has time for split dovetails and corners. We also glued every joint with an exterior, food grade glue. It was a bit tedious the first half, but we got into our grove. We are for hire now. 🤠

The best part was watching Justus' sense of pride and accomplishment while making his dad proud. We both will remember this for a lifetime.

The best part, every little bit we did brings about an opportunity for nature to flourish.


This same year, I embark on building a wall that will protect our beehives during storms and the cold winter winds. I was also looking—hoping— to add some curbside appeal as well.

I am that guy who uses all leftover wood scrapes or board from previous teardown. Therefore, everything that I used was just laying around our property, left year from the previous owners. I was five boards short. As I was stuck in a feeling of incompleteness, I turned to friends. I called my friends and owners of Hop Mountain Taproom and Grill to complete my wall. Calling him on the phone, I asked, “Hey, Joe, do you have 5 rustic 2”X 6” boards that measured at least 92" in length.

"Yep, sure do. We just took down an old deck a bit back. You are welcome to them," graciously expressed Joe. Not only do they feed us, entertain us, sponsor our youth program at Hop Mountain but also now donates rustic lumber so that I can protect my bees. Bless them for your kindness.

The final touches came from two solar projection lights from Costco. They have been working year-round for the past two years. I love driving up as dusk to see the rustic wall glowing.

Job complete.


Last summer, amidst Dawn canning pickles and early applesauce, Dawn and Caitlynn started the harvesting of our honey. We are about halfway through the extraction process.

We harvested about 7-Gallons. The Russian’s honey is yellow and creamy while the Italians honey is clear like yet rich in taste.

Such a great gift by nature. Visit our store and shop for some of our Kiki & Co. rich honey. 🐝

We are looking forward to the Spring and pray that our little friends emerge from inside their hive for another Spring adventure.

Many blessings,

Kelly Kiki


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