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Updated: May 20, 2023

In 2005, Uganda changed my life forever. I never thought it would, but it clearly put me on a path to this moment.

To begin, I need your help in answering a call that I received a little over two weeks ago. It was one of those calls that you know will leave a lasting imprint on your life. CLICK TO DONATE. โค๏ธ

The reason for the call was and is simpleโ€”to remember and celebrate.

Last year on a painful yet celebratory day, family and friends came together to say goodbye to Patrick Arthur Sullivan. He was without reservation a man known as a true servant of the peopleโ€”both professionally and personally.

Pat was a husband, father, grandfather, friend, and one-time President of the Board of Hope 4 Kids International (H4KI), a 50-year nonprofit focused on caring and loving on the orphaned around the world.

And, to me . . . Pat was my friend, my mentor.

Pat was also on that team in 2005 when I first arrived in Uganda.

Having traveled with Pat and his beautiful wife, Diane, to Uganda, Kenya, Peru, and around Spokane, they taught me how to serve and love on everyone.

When Diane made that call to me two weeks ago, she shared that this July H4KI was not only celebrating 50th year but also shared they were dedicating a new well in Pat's name in Uganda.
With her call, Diane asked if I would carry some of her husbandโ€™s remaining ashes across the world to this honor Pat through a lifesaving well that will bring clean water to an entire community.

Pastor Justus, a dear friend of mine since 2005, will be leading the celebration.

This request hit me hard as I know how much Diane wants to bring them herself, but at the young age of 85 and had already traveled to Uganda 22 times, she is unable. Thus, with much emotion, I said that it would be my utmost honor.

Like the journey in 2005, Uganda is once again my mission.

It has been 14 years since I last shared HOPE with my friends there. During my tenure traveling into Uganda from 2005 to 2009, I offered what I knew best: my teaching experience.

In those years, I was led to start what was known at the time as Education 4 Kids International (E4KI). We built libraries, equitable sanitation, supplied texts books, and soccer gear for many schools. Most importantly, we brought HOPE to the children of Uganda.

It was some of the greatest work I have ever been part of in my 24 years of teaching. It is time to return.

Fortunately, I will not be going by myself. Yes, I will be bringing Pat and the hearts of Diane and his entire family. In addition, I will be taking my son, Justus. It is safe to say that in 2005 serving alongside Pat, Diane, and Tom Eggum, H4KIโ€™s founder, my servant heart was built and yearned to serve more. Now, I get to share these experiences with my son.

I have waited Justusโ€™ whole life (15-years) to bring him to the place that my servant journey began in 2005.


With your help and support, all three of us will be boarding a plane to Uganda this July to serve and love on some of the most vulnerable yet beautiful children while we celebrate not only the legacy of Pat Sullivan but also the 50th Anniversary of H4KI.

The costs are way beyond what we have, but I know that He will provide. The trip and the work that we will do will be approximately $11,000, with the airfare about half of it. Trust me in the fact that I know this is a lot, but I know first-hand that this price is nothing compared to the gift of HOPE left behind. CLICK TO DONATE. โค๏ธ

Like every year that I have traveled with H4KI, all surplus funds that I raise go directly to the classrooms of the schools I get the honor of visiting in Uganda. As E4KI motto once stated, โ€œEducation Saves Lives.โ€ I wholeheartedly believe that more today than ever.

But more importantly, like Patโ€™s life, I pray that doors open for my son in a way that ignites a love for all those he meets the rest of his life. As a high school teacher, I wish that I could bring every teenager to experience these lesson that canโ€™t be found in a classroom.

Know that every penny or dollar donated goes directly to the source of our mission and the communities we visit in Uganda. Yes, all donations will be sent to H4KI with a 100% tax benefit if needed. Please reach out to ask any questions.

As a father and a servant to classrooms locally and around the world, I say thank you for your heart, compassion, and support. In my limited time, I ask that you share this letter with all you deem necessary to reach our goal.

Since last going to Uganda, I have not only found my face and hair plashed with gray but also used my servant-heart to give back to my local community: Public Relations for Blessings Under the Bridge for 11 years and now, as a proud veteran, the President of Veterans Community Response. Servant leadership is the gift I want to instill and share with my son.


Kelly Kiki

Expand for video clips from my trip in 2005

Exploring Uganda, a case-study film that I made to used to teach my students for over a decade about Africa. Here is the Education clip Tororo, Uganda Education.

Prayer Requests:

ยท Watch over the Sullivan Family

ยท Safe travel for our team

ยท Fundraising for trip

ยท Watch over my family while Iโ€™m away

โ€‹ยท Healing for the cancer that I am having removed from my face on the 23rd of May.

ยท Our community


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